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Every part of the business is related to the next, and they all work together. Your outsourced service team is part of your business. Our global teams collaborate flawlessly for our clients.  Every department supports each other and shares resources.  This unique network ensures superior results at the lowest cost.

Customer Support

Answering phone calls, reply to emails, tracking orders, handling issues and claims, order processing and other tasks assigned by the client.

Full time (160 hours or more monthly): $6.5/hr
Part time: $7/hr

Online Marketing

Marketing research, online market listings, lead generation, cold calling, web page optimization, email campaigns, social media etc.

Full time (160 hours or more monthly): $6.5/hr
Part time: $7/hr

Quality prospects generation: $1000/month ( minimum 500 leads and 50 qualified prospects)        One Month free trial.

Business Infrastructure Setup

Ticket system, global IP phone system, social network, tradeshow designs, webinar setup etc.

Hour rate: $7/hr

Basic Wordpress website structure: $1999

Electronic Product Development

Quote by project.

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