5 Easy Ways to Upskill Your Marketing Team in a Remote World

Over the last few years, the world has faced a notable shift in working tactics. Since the pandemic hit the world, a lot of people have moved to work remotely from their comfort zone.

Similarly, in the marketing world, the consideration of remote work has been seen clearly. Marketing teams are now working remotely all around the world. While this new way of working seems beneficial, it clearly comes with a lot of new challenges for marketing companies.

One significant challenge remote marketing teams face nowadays is the lack of skills to stay ahead in the game. As there is no one-to-one connection between the remote team and the marketing management, it is difficult to upskill them.

In this article, we will focus on the top 5 ways to upskill your remote marketing team. We will also provide you with the most useful tips and tricks in order to ensure that your remote team remains up-to-date with the latest trends.

Importance of Upskilling Your Marketing Team

Before moving forward to discuss the ways to improve a marketing team, let’s highlight its importance first. As we all know, the current digital world is moving faster, and new technologies are continuously making their way. It is important for marketers to keep evolving their marketing strategies to stay up-to-date.

In the case of remote teams, it is essential to work together so that your marketing agency can flourish in the digital world. By teaching them new techniques and strategies, it will be easier for them to work according to your mind.

5 Ways to Upskill Remote Marketing Team

Now that you are aware of the importance of upskilling a virtual marketing team let us explore the top 5 ways to train them.

Provide Online Training

One of the best ways to train a virtual marketing team is by introducing them to online training programs. These training programs not only polish their skills but also help them to learn new strategies and techniques in order to stay on track.

There are several online platforms that offer marketing courses for users. By enrolling in such courses, your virtual team will be aware of the new trends that are taking place in the digital world. In this way, it will be easier for them to upskill their working abilities.

Host Mentorship Programs

Webinars or mentorship programs are a great way to interact with others in the same field. Host a program on a specific topic or service and invite an expert in order to know more about the particular case.

Tell your members to interact with the expert by asking questions at the end of the session. In this way, your team will be able to learn about the new strategies adopted by the world. You can host these webinars on any online platform, such as Zoom, GoTo, Google Meet, etc.

Leverage New Technologies

Leveraging new technologies and tools is a great way to improve your marketing team’s working techniques. By investing in efficient tools, you can enhance communication, project management, collaborations, and much more.

Multiple tools are available that can help you create strong communication with your remote team. Moreover, with such tools, you can easily keep a check and balance on your team’s work.

Introduce Notes and Documents

For managers, keeping track of their team’s performance is essential. Using notes and documents to collaborate with the team is a great option. Monday or Asana is useful as well as affordable project management software.

Create a Friendly Environment

Being personal and friendly with your team is essential to maintaining a good environment. Try having regular check-in meetings to ensure that your team does not feel cornered.

Discuss all the details and new strategies that you are working on. You can also organise monthly in-house meetings to communicate face-to-face with the team.


Remote working has been becoming a new normal around the world. However, maintaining good communication and upskilling your virtual team’s abilities are essential for digital marketing.

Any marketing agency can improve its team’s skills by working on the above-mentioned tips. Host webinars, provide online training, and introduce new technologies in order to follow the recent trends of the digital world successfully.